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You’re on the road less traveled…
Like a one-way trip down a dead-end street

Did you just miss your exit?
That's life in the fast lane

Can't tell if you're coming or going?
Now there's no turning back

There's a fork in the road...
you’d better take it!

You’re on Paradox Parkway !

Paradox Parkway is a new web-based animated series from Sikotronic. Join us this fall for animated comic tales that are off the beaten path. Your backseat driver is waiting...

Now in Production:

Sunscreen Serenade by Kriota Willberg

This dance video from Dura Mater includes interstitial animation by the Sikoryak Bros. and is scheduled to premiere in 2009.



Now available on DVD for a limited time only!

The Further Adventures of Major Mars chronicled the live-action exploits of everyone’s beloved bulletman—back in the rollicking 1940s. But few fans were aware that the Major flew again, briefly—in the early 1960s! In a special tribute to the hero from those amazing days of yesteryear, comes this peek at the never realized prime time animated TV series: The Cartoon Adventures of Major Mars!

Includes the complete long-lost episode, "Making of" Documentary, "Rogues Gallery" and "Sing-A-Long" featurettes. Total running time approx. 20 minutes. Just $10 postage paid.

Major Mars DVD

Commemorative T-Shirts, Very Limited Supply!

Prepared for the world premiere at WonderFest USA, these 100% cotton shirts feature the Major Mars logo in all its graphic glory. Specify Large or Extra Large, $20 postage paid, while they last.


Large T-Shirt

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