Joe Sikoryak, Creative Director
The webmaster of ASIFA-SF since 2007 and a graduate of the SFSU animation program, Joe (left) has also worked extensively in print, web and interactive design.

Steve Sikoryak, Chief Creative Officer
As both a writer and videographer Steve (right) brings a wealth of experience to bear on both the scripting and editing of Sikotronic features.

R. Sikoryak, Creative Consultant
A seasoned cartoonist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, Fortune, Nickelodeon and on The Daily Show, Rob (center) keeps his brothers in check.

Together, these grown men continue to play together---and they call it work. So far, no one has caught on to the truth.



Sikotronica-related links


Joe maintains the website for the San Francisco chapter of the animation society.

the CableCartoon

Joe is a regular contributor to the ASIFA-SF blog

Dura Mater

Choreographer Kriota Willberg has collaborated with the Bros. for several years.


Joe is also a graphic designer for arts and entertainment clients.

Jon and Al

The Kaplans write funny songs, including musicals based on funny movies and TV shows.

R. Sikoryak

Rob creates comics and illustrations for himself and others.


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