One Small Step: The Preview

A behind-the-scenes look at what REALLY went on while the world waited breathlessly for Neil Armstrong to descend to the lunar surface. Watch for the full version as part of our new series "Paradox Parkway"---coming soon.

Still Available From Sikotronic:

The Cartoon Adventures of Major Mars is an action-packed parody of 1940s adventure serials rendered as an homage to 1960s Saturday-morning cartoons. Major Mars ("...whose middle names are Danger...Disaster...and Catastrophe!") battles Dr. XYZ ('The Last Name in Evil') in a more innocent time of comic entertainment and sugar-coated cereals. It's all wrapped up as a tribute to Bob Burns!

Major Mars---the character---is the brainchild of Bob Burns (left), sci-fi film expert and serial adventure fanatic. His legendary original 35mm live action short The Further Adventures of Major Mars was the inspiration for Joe and Steve's cartoon parody of an homage wrapped in a tribute. (Want to see a clip on YouTube? Check out our music video here.)


Sunscreen Serenade Directed and choreographed by Kriota Willberg, featuring animated segments by Sikotronic.

In homage to Busby Berkeley’s flamboyant kaleidoscopic style of the 1930s, scantily-clad finger puppets tackle the contemporary issue of ozone depletion.

Visit the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center for more information.

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The Cartoon Adventures of Major Mars

Produced and Directed by
Joe Sikoryak
Steve Sikoryak

Inspired by Bob Burns
Original Music Performed by
The Diablo Sandwich Band

©2008 Bob Burns and Sikotronic. All Rights Reserved.

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